Thulian Commonwealth

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After The Rending and the fall of the gods, civilization was left in ruins. The major civilizations of the world were destroyed, brought to their knees by the cataclysm.

In the wake of the devastation, the civilized races of the world (which was a growing list) were forced to fend for themselves, for contact with their neighbors was difficult, if not impossible. Some enjoyed the seclusion, like the wood elves initially did, or the Illithid still do, when in large numbers. But the rest did their best to rebuild their societies, working hard merely to survive.

As the one hundred year mark passed, a hero arose – a high elf named Eiriander Thul, an explorer and warrior of great skill. He set forth from the elven forests, and crossed the landscape, making contact with the dwarven kingdoms under Mt. Bellode, and bringing an end to the war of the human tribes surviving in the north of the continent. From the three groups he had contacted, he drew a promise – that they would make contact, meeting at the mountain in the center of their land, and form a pact to aid each other’s kingdoms through this trying time in their history. His skill with word was nearly as sharp as his blade, and with everyone’s best diplomatic efforts, an accord was formed, and so was the commonwealth that the leaders agreed to name after the man who had made it possible.

One-hundred-fifty years later, the three kingdoms of the commonwealth have grown in size and stability. The elves consolidated towards the south, withdrawing from a mysterious threat; the dwarves dug deep, pulling new materials out of the earth; the humans saw their rule consolidated under a strong and fair queen who declared them ‘free people’. Their efforts to explore and expand have all been stopped for various reasons, or so the rumor holds. The truth of this may be another matter.

Thulian Commonwealth

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