Magic Items

This is a list of the party’s magic items, categorized by who has them.


Bag of Holding
This item, a medium sized bag made of lightweight yet tough leather, seems to open into a black abyss when peered into. Within the bag, there is a 64 cubic foot (4×4×4ft. with a 2ft total opening) space that can hold 500lbs of objects. Regardless of what it contains, the bag never weighs more than 15 pounds.

It is not watertight; any attempts to fill it with water will see the water simply run out the seams, as it would a normal sack. Nor is it indestructible or tougher in any way than a normal sack; one good slash with a sword will destroy it utterly.

If the bag is overloaded, pierced, or torn, it ruptures and spills its contents into the astral plane, becoming useless. If it is turned inside out, it will disgorge its contents, and cannot be used until turned right way around. There is enough air for 1 creature for 10 minutes; divide that by the total of any additional creatures. (2 people have 5 minutes…and a tight fit.)

it is inadvisable to place this item inside another extradimensional container.


Necklace of Adaption (Attunement Required)
This necklace is made of shining silver, and is inset with a sky-blue gem that swirls with vapor, as though a cloud were trapped within. While attuned to and wearing this necklace, the user can breathe normally in any natural environment, and has advantage on saving throws against harmful gases and vapors.


Vicious Shortsword
This shortsword is serrated on one side, close to the hilt, and looks as though a deep stab would cause terrible injury. When the wielder rolls a natural 20 on their attack, this sword does 7 points of additional damage.

Magic Items

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