Ages of Midgard

0th Age – The Era that has been Lost

Not much is known about this strech of time, except that there were gods who were imprisoned in physical vessels at some point near the end of it. This is known because of the events of the next age.

1st Age – A World WIthout Winter

As the realm (not yet known as Midgard) suffered through a hundred years of sweltering, magically-induced summer, two heroes named Singing Moon and Gamiken Godsword discovered a series of lost relics, each containing the remaining fragmented power of a lost god.

After much trial to discover their full number, and to release them, they discovered a plot by the lord of the Realm of the Dead to use this power to usurp control of the world and turn all places into his domain – a world of death. The heroes, accompanied by a small group of steadfast friends, and bolstered by the power of these lost gods, succeeded in stopping this cataclysm.

However, this ushered in a new age, as the released power of these primordial gods attracted other deific attention to their (as it turns out) reasonably untapped plane of existence.

No one is certain what happened to these heroes;

  • Singing Moon is rumored to have gone one of several ways. Some say she is a goddess, or an immortal nature spirit; some, even to the 4th age, claim descent from her and one of her companions, McHale Brighton, despite there being virtually no evidence to support these claims.
  • Gamiken is rumored to have sacrificed his life, to become a perfect vessel for the godly energy needed to save their world. While not worshipped, he is held, even in the 4th age, as a standard for all heroes of the elven kingdoms, and his bloodline is said to still exist as well, through other family.

2nd Age – Darkness and Light

After the great influx of deities to this plane, the world was reshaped by the presence of their power, and the races of the world picked up the pieces and moved along. After the passage of many years, civilization had reassembled enough to be threatened yet again.

This time, the unlikely heroes were Hirograr Torrhen III, Mistislav Rostopovitch, and an elven sorcerer whose name has been lost to time. There were other companions, but through their trials, these three are the only ones to see their mission through.

Their mission was to find a solution to the mystery of a strange magic item, an alabaster rod inscribed with an elven rune translating to “Poke” or “Prod”. When this action was taken by anyone holding the rod, it would use magic on the poked person or thing. Unpredictable and seemingly able to access all branches of magic, this powerful item was carried by these heroes to the Ancient Throne, a relic of the 1st Age.

This, it turns out, was the throne of the demigod imprisoned in the item, her soul trapped in a rod “for all time”, or until some heroes manage to break her free. Which they did, but in the end, their mission was for naught; they were not in time to prevent a true cataclysm coming to their world, in the form of a mysterious man who cast a devastating spell, bringing a cosmic-level attack to bear on the entire world.

It killed roughly 75% of the world, and left ruins in its wake.

Mistislav was returned to his home plane, one separate from this one, via the power of the Demigoddess. The elven sorcerer was killed by the villain, his ability to resist magic simply coming up insufficient. Of the three, the only one to walk away from their final battle was Hirograr, who rushed home to help his kin rebuild. His clan still stands, and is considered among the ruling class in the 4th Age.

3rd Age – Of Dragons and Gods

In this era, a party of demigods discover the truth of their world’s deities, their own heritage, and the error in the making of their realm.

The events at the close of the 3rd Age are known to all as The Rending, and brought about not just a new age for this world, but for the entire cosmology of the multiverse.

Ages of Midgard

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