A Northern Wind Rises

To my players

Consider the Adventure Log section to be a place to keep your character’s thoughts on the steps they undertake on their quests and adventures.

If you decide to do this, please make sure you lead your title with your character’s name in parenthesis, like so:

(Rot Tooth) Meeting New Meatbags People

Any adventure logs will net small XP awards:

  • 10xCL for logs posted in the week following a session
  • 5xCL for logs posted after that point

I would like, also, for players to find a leitmotif for their character. This is a piece of music, preferably instrumental and with an abundance of remixes, that will represent your character when such a thing is called for. Genre is no issue, though heavily electronic/techno music is not preferred. If you don’t, I will, so this isn’t urgent unless you want to make the choice yourself.



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