A Northern Wind Rises

Rottooth Stories. Ch4

A Red Mist in the future

Today Rottooth and friends travel some where new. Some where Rottooth very busy, very frantic, Rottooth even given place to rest daisy with in few moments of being in town. Rottooth like… till ugly short pig make walk.
Was in bar, in normal day, dragon boys walking in bar making noise, making Rottooth not like day, then shortpig came and spoke. Rottooth was angry, didnt much like that he came by. Short pig was ugly but polite me thinks. COuld have mentioned rottooth, chose not to. Smart pig, knows not to fight fast goblin… but then again, rottooth not very good to friends if pig sits on him. Stupid ugly beard pig, hairy pig, Nothing but a Boogles excrete on a catos vomit as some of the other goblins use to say in town near big temple. Rottooth never understood hate, but feeling so strong, Like needle in pants, or fire on head. Rottooth instincts almost were all he knew then.

After we found quest we instantly went out, splitting as always. Rottooth went with varis and red hair girl, oh, rottooth has new red hair friend, she no important though yet, maybe later. What important was friend not let Rottooth go alone, this important to Rottooth when comes to chapels and temples, somethings only clerics may do, sadly rottooth some what failed. We got there and met kind gnome, very good to see friendly grave cleric, always nice they are, nicer then death clerics, respect rottooth more then death clerics too. But not important, what important was bodies rottooth looked at, some were mangled, some not so, rottooth curious about this but not know much, MAster will know, Rottooth send letter to him now with gnome keepers help.

“To those of dead shores, and longer life trees, this letter seeks highest order beyond the skull keys, may it seek you, and birth its truth.

Dakh Grarkog is still in travel, things going weird in this city, some kind of fight or argument among the higher people, but no one knows who they are. Souls not speaking to grave keepers here, bodies come up with no name, and one never touched. Dakh Grarkog not know what todo. Saw Black Dragonborn today, mistook for friend for few seconds before noticing big differences. Rottooth not sure how to help in this, except for small marking on untouched neck, she was theif, but we not know much. any help for them could be wonderful.

Report Done by Dakh Grarkog, Goblin half Cleric of Irkalla."



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