A Northern Wind Rises

Damana's Journal entry: #3

I have never been in such a large town before! I can only imagine what else this world has to offer me! I am a little out of my element here, but I am positive that I can be as helpful as possible when it comes to looking for another tracker, Swifttracker. Such a silly name, but it works for its purpose. I know Strunbah is worried about his family, I hope there is nothing wrong with them, but who knew his father was such a big shot here in dragon lands! I know I am a little impressed. Who would have guessed that when I set off I would be going farther and farther from my home. I knew it would be dangerous, but also more fun than I have ever thought! Although I am a little disappointed that Blondie left us, but we all have to go our separate ways sometimes, I do hope she stays safe. Now we added someone else, Noral she is stubborn for sure, but she seems to fit in just fine. I guess I’ll give her a chance, wait and see how she does in a fight. Just to make sure she isn’t lying about her abilities at least. As for everything else only time will tell. As of right now, I don’t trust her, better keep an eye on her.



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