A Northern Wind Rises

Damana's Journal entry: #6
Why I hate Gods.

For a long time I have been wondering in my woods meeting with all the Brahimn, just laughing enjoying the warm sun…it was summer. I remember briefly the group I was traveling with, they were hunting down an Ent that was causing a lot of trouble in the Northern part of my forest. I had seen sighs about where it was hiding and they asked me to come with them. It was the first time I have ever truly been afraid. Its green glow shinned through the night as it growls at the group. I could feel my courage starting to fail as we moved closer…but I couldn’t show my weakness to these Brahimn they would never let me come with them again. So I swallowed my fear and drew my bow and with that overcoming of my fear we won. We took it down with some minor injuries, but we all went home. That was the first time I truly saw evil and I thought I could look evil in the eyes again and stand strong. This is where my thoughts on fear change again…This Asmodeus…I know I should fear him…but the hard head that I have doesn’t want to listen to that little voice in my head telling me to fear him. I never cared for Gods and this is the reason why…Where were those good Gods when he took me? Darkness….Shadows….I never been so scared in my life. Yet Strunbah doesn’t notice…but that is okay. I am used to dealing with my emotions by myself. As I hang onto Varis for dear life I think about everything I have done. All the big and little things that I can do. Should I truly fear this guy? Would he come for me? I can feel myself growing angry….I am hating these Gods more and more…He wants to play with fire….Then I invite him to the hellish fire I can bring. May the strength of the Brahimn guide me. Bring it Asmodeos…I do not fear you.

Rottooth Stories. Ch8
A Town For my Bones

Last night we kill boar. Big big boar. Rottooth now wear skull like crown. Rottooth used it to meet great cleric of Swen, who gave Rottooth sneezer powder. Such nice man, good merchant, cant wait to try it on victi- I mean… targe-…. friend…. going to try it to get new “friend”…. yes… new friend. Rottooth not know much else to put here… BESIDES AMAZING DRAGON. ROTTOOTH SAW DRAGON, HUGE HUGE DRAGON, LOOKED LIKE COULD BE HOME FOR WHOLE CLAN OF GOB-…. Rottooth should not think of that… Rottooth going now book, Rottooth shall tell you more later.

Rottooth Stories. Ch7
Green skin, Green Leaves

Today rottooth had to fight goblins old leaders, their old old leaders.
“Orcs, sharp of tongue and sharper blade, dull is mind and broken is their way, may green separate, may green return, may they both never have peace, while the other stays at elfs door and the other seeks only war.”

An old poem Rottooth once heard from Dolph, Goblins sang it long ago when the pact between Goblins and Elves was made. Rottooth never understood what this meant, till Orc chief cursed Rottooth. Part of Rottooth still feels… wild… when he sees Dwarves he feels anger, when he sees orcs he feels friends, it hurt fighting green skins, but Rottooth know he must fight. Not our way to back down so we claw, we bite, and snarl. Rottooth still has dungeon blood in him, but goblins have been moving past dungeons. We move on, we help those in need, we prove we not pest. But Orcs? not so, hobs? Not so…. Kin is Kin, Rottooth does not need enjoyment in this blood shed. He will help them, he will bring them to reason, maybe that is also Rottooths mission? Bring peace? Probably not, but Rottooth did take first steps. With Orc leader dead other orcs wont know where to go. Back to clan where they fight for new leader? Only means more death while they as weak as they are. So Rottooth left food for them after we tied them up. They orcs they break free soon, they wouldn’t let this stop them. But Rottooth also left message.

“To Orcs who fight green skins, to orcs who fight Long pigs and Boogle vomits, Rottooth know you deserve better. Irkalla taught Rottooth, she teach other goblins her way, I know your gods fight strong but fighting strong got you here, please take food and make choice, choose togo to close by trade settlement. Keep hands high, Keep them unarmed, tell them goblin sent them, Rottooth goblin. You go, ask for Irkallas guidance, ask her to pick next leader, ask her to help them lead, bring your tribe to better times. Rottooth promise you will be rewarded by her. If you choose not to, fine, take food, goto tribe empty handed, with dead brothers in arms. Will they take you? Make choice now strong ones, one day goblins and orcs will join once more, maybe in that day, we will all be strong once more.”

Rottooth walked with friends down old religious path with friends and found old traveler temple. Rottooth left offering. Goddess here seemed to like it, as she sent us good win, almost like a howl. Eilistraee has been respected, Irkalla has as well. May the gods be appeased and bring upon us fortune with in this wild land.

Damana's Journal entry: #5

Well we have officially entered the dragon lands! So far it is the same as every other place I have been, but we have just entered and so far we have been attacked once and found a monument to a Drow Goddess, I don’t even really to care to remember her name…but I haven’t been much for the Gods, but whatever Rottooth did seemed to earn us a blessing. How sweet of her I suppose. Still haven’t made much progress with Strunbah, but that will be in time. Maybe after we learn what is going on in his homeland we can finally make up. Even with traveling with Rottooth I still have a hard time understanding how he could have such a close relationship with someone he has never met…Gods are selfish in my eyes. Oh well, whatever makes him happy I guess.

Finding My Way

All this time I thought I had been running in circles to find her, only to find out she’s pretty much moved on with her life, without needing me to help her. We grew up together she was older and the princess and was treated slightly different than me, but we had so much in common. Then she left and I freaked. I had to find her I had to find her.

Well it turns out she was already two steps ahead of me, nothing new there…

Now I need to find another reason to be out here on my own, it’s not like I ever planned on going home, but my reasons for leaving need to be redefined. Thanks to these strange travelers I may have some people to lean on I’m tired of being lonely. There’s even a cool dragon born! To think I would be lucky enough to possibly and get to know one! Maybe even learn their language something other than learning to fight and survive, something more interesting. At least maybe this way I can find some earnings without having to watch my own ass so much, maybe it’ll even be easier? who knows. All I know is at least a awesome dragon born and a adorable goblin to venture with.

Damana's Journal entry: #4

I fucked up. Not surprising I did something stupid, but Varis didn’t help in my choices. Oh well I suppose, I know I make bad decisions, but who knew I would not only piss off Strunbah again, but I got my ass handed to me in a very fun way. I know, I know Lekarz friend, I could see the head shake in my mind as I fell to darkness that I was so used too, but only this time I didn’t wake to your disappointed face smiling sadly at my choices. I didn’t have you tending my bruised eye while trying to hide your amusement at my temper and my stubbornness to understand I lost really bad. Do you remember when I got my horn broken by Rog? I will never forget your face full of fear as I ran towards the Brahiam holding a topnoz aiming at my head. I can still hear your shout ringing in my ears as I attacked him one more time. He was a trained soldier at one point in time, but that didn’t slow him down…and I was nothing but a young stupid tielfing that thought she could take him on with no worries since I helped the hunting groups take down an Ent. How wrong I was and how scared you were….That was the first time you ever called me Damana. Oh, How I do miss you my friend, but I can’t focus on you sadly anymore. I have never really had to make sure that the other people around me were okay with what I was doing, never have I ever really had to think about how my choices affected their lives or feelings…I guess I am selfish because of that reason. I never knew Strunbah would be that angry….Here I thought I could be the person you wanted me to be. Someone who was proud of me…Someone you could claim as….I am such stupid person. I will never have a family…Why would you even think of me as anything other than a trouble- making tiefling, all while I think of you as my only friend. As for Sturnbah I think I shouldn’t even be here…I will never get his trust back after my stunt I pulled today…. I am sure of it. No, I don’t regret my choice of doing what I did, but i do regret lying and betraying Strunbah’s trust. I suppose I will give him time to cool down…and then I will talk to him, honestly and truthfully and promise on my life that I will never betray him like that again, even though my life isn’t really worth much. I won’t purposely go out and cause trouble especially in his homeland. That is if he even wants me to go with the group to meet his clan…I wouldn’t be surprised if he left me here wishing my life well and leaving…I suppose it would be for the better if he did, but I won’t give up on him. I will try to earn everything I lost back. Sooner or later at least, but as for now I will lay low and try to not get in his way.
I am happy that little Rottooth is having his ceremony here tonight and took the time to invite all of use. Even Noral is going, at least that is what I am thinking she is doing…she really didn’t say much as to if she was or not. This seems very interesting at least, hell I might even learn something… I don’t think it will stick, but it is worth a shot at least. Now Noral is a little more interesting though….why does she feel that she has to track blondie down? There is nothing wrong with someone leaving without saying a word! I just hope the reason why Blondie left was for a good reason like I thought she did and not for something Noral did…This is going to be rough. Gods what did I get myself into?

Rottooth bonus Ch. 6
Apples for Irkalla

Today Rottooth helped with building ceremony at chapel. Rottooths job as high Gnome put it, “Grab the apples, grab the limes, grab the meat from the end of time, spice them well with powder from blood, give us food that shows the cycle.”

Rottooth tapped foot to it, Very nice song for him to sing. Rottooth asked how they cook meat but Gnome simply smiled.
“Just go get it from the local butcher, they will give you a whole kit, It’ll make cooking it easy.”
Rottooth went out for a moment, only 10 minute walk to market, Fruit stalls full of pretty fruit, Greenest, and redest apple Rottooth ever see. Rottooth was about to pick out fruits when tall grey lady called Rottooth over. Rottooth went over too see what she wanted.
“You looken for the fruit for ceremony?” Rottooth simply shook head in confusion.
“Heres your order.” She just tossed sack of fruit at Rottooth. Rottooth was confused.
“How much Rottooth Owe?” She smiled and looked at Rottooth pulling out Irkalla pendant.
“Use to be paladin for the order. Not many of us left, mostly a clerics job now, but I owe the head chief here alot, so you get free fruit for ceremony. Ill be over to celebrate with you shortly.”

Rottooth wish he not put Daisy back at stable, bag of fruits very heavy. So Rotooth went to butcher shop next. Rottooth knew which one togo to, it was darkest one with lots of stars all over. When Rottooth went in though Nearly had head chopped off. Dwarf with butcher knife on long stick quickly started attacking Rottooth. Rottooth only dodge cause dwarf not very good at swinging. By time he done swinging he out of breath simply ask.
“Whats a huff green snot wheeze like you doin here.”
“Rottooth Not here for boogle sneeze, Rottooth here for meat for Irkalla ceremony.”
“You what?”
“Rottooth here for Irkalla, told to come here.”
“They lettin you green snots in now?”
“Rottooth not from here, Rottooth student of Dr. Dolph adventuring and Rottooth simply here he-”
“Oh, why didn’t you say so lad. If I knew you were one of Dolphs students I wouldn’t of attacked you so. Let me get your meat.”
“You not angry with Rottooth?”
“Your kind aint somethin I like seein here, but if Dolph is your teacher I got a feelin he fucked with you in a way only he could. He’s a good man, not the best teacher. To much pain in him from what I recall from when I met him.”

It was odd hearin Dr Dolph talked like that. Only Dolph Rottooth knew was happy energetic old man who raised Rottooth. Rottooth was curious of this dwarf, but before Rottooth could ask questions smelly crate dropped on Rottooth.

“Ok, so heres the thing, all the meats spices already, plus a couple extra bags for your fruit. Just roast it over a fire and sprinkle the spice on the fruit. Ill be over in once the ceremony start.”

Crate so heavy Rottooth had to push heavy crate to chapel. When Rottooth got back rottooth did as instructed. When Rottooth done Rottooth looked around, and see chairs and benches all ready, Pillars set up with vines and skulls around., Rottooth smell dead when he noticed some zombies were helping put every thing together. Once all was done, meat was cooked, limes and apples were spiced, Rottooth ran too friends at bar. Rottooth invite all, even bruised tiefling? what happened while Rottooth working?

Strunbah; letter to father #2


Ze tuu nix’joval ko ki’yu’kk. Nohka’jy ze hykk yn dyspah’d ko. Nem haask vohn’d yu’ishk vek, beh vohsk’jy nem tuu kimiish’kt vykll.

Ze nix’nohka’jy vo kaanst’jy bohnd’jy nett, hahn vo gohnst’jy nett nohsh.

Gohnst’jy faan fi Brod ym fii boh’ih’uma. Varus’jy la’yh nohsh.


Strunbah; letter to father


Ze tu ym Boden Trohk ko ki’yu’ing. Ruushk’jy ko fii Brod kmahlk ko fii sron ym troh umast’ing. Ze taro’us’jy ko lumin’jy lay.


Rottooth Stories. Ch5
We Hit Harder, we get hit stronger

Today We chased little halfling quite aways. He run quick, snuck out of rottooths grip, made Rottooth look like fool, gonna remember this. Rottooth Made quick work though catching up, sadly we left red dead behind, she maybe come next time. She looks like she good for spilling blood, which we needed this time. Minute we caught up to halfling we found bad trouble. Mean dragon born and his friends there. We Fought hard against them, once again we nearly died, but we beat them. Now all we have todo is get halfling back and ask questions. Maybe he give plenty of answers.


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