A Northern Wind Rises

Damana's Journal entry: #2
Leaving to the dragonlands

This town seemed to be more interesting then it originally started out to be. Here I thought I would go about my life with no interruptions from others, but I was clearly wrong. So after little Rot-tooth bought most of us rooms we all choose to go on a little trip with an unwelcome tag along that didn’t complain and listened when we asked her to do something. I am beginning to like her I guess. As long as she doesn’t use my shoulder to cry on, that is just so uncomfortable for me. Emotions aren’t taken well…But happily I gave her off to Varis and he gave her off to Strunbah. So all worked out in the end, but unfortunately that meant someone else was coming to watch over our little princess and he isn’t bad looking for a human at that. Looks like Varis has some competition. All though it seems I am getting Strunbah to warm up to me. My gift must have worked better than I thought! I honestly didn’t think it would work, but I am thinking it did. Sadly though something is up in the Dragon lands, well according to Varis there is. I understand Strunbah’s want to go back to help his homeland, but I fear the worst for him. I wish I was able to follow Varis a lot closer than I was able too, maybe I could have gotten some more information that he may have been unwilling to share. In the end of the day I just don’t want to see this group hurt…I guess these losers are growing on me. Who ever would have thought. I know Lekarz would be proud that I am at least attempting to make friends. He always told me I needed to be more trusting of others and less demanding. I think I am starting to understand what he meant, I know Lekarz will never think of me as his family, but maybe….just maybe I could have something with this small group of weirdo misfits. I will always put my life first, but at least for Strunbah I think I would risk it. Who knows maybe the human Kerowyn might be getting closer to that list, if she doesn’t annoy me first. Funny how only a few days ago, I was waking up in my nice cool forest just traveling to find anything interesting and here I found instead was interesting people and adventures to be had!

Born Again

The darkness consumes all my darkest fears
Forever alone overcome in tears

Yet one day I was blessed when I saw someone new
Could these be friends could it possibly be true

I’ve been gone for so long
Before these strangers came along

My sister would be proud
That I’ve found people to be around

So now I must to prove to more than just her
That I can fight with vigor and grace
Because I’m more than just a pretty face

I’m not fragile, I’m not made of glass
For I was trained to fight
To one day be my sister’s Knight.

~Lady Kerowyn

I deserve this!

So for the first time I came across something scarier than my mother on her period!

This skeleton beast almost made me faint. I had to gather all my courage to try and fight it especially when he almost killed my body guard!

Now we’re in a town at last! I have new found respect for the traveling goblin as he treated the guards who gave them the quest to a big feast. Not only that he bought rooms for us all that were nicest I’ve seen since I left my home. I never knew he had such a kind heart.

Not only that I got what I longed for all those days. A wonderful bath! I even got a chance to learn more about my new found companions. I know I should split up with them now that they helped me achieve my goal, but there’s something about them…something different…feelings I haven’t had in a while. Friends…ever since i left home I had become so lonely before I started traveling with them. I almost want to find a reason to keep following them around, maybe it will even help me in the long term. I have to become stronger somehow and if these people…creatures… keep doing quests that pull them into fighting it will make me stronger.

Sister please keep believing in me…

Rottooth Stories. Ch3
Big Skull in little village

After food in New temple finished, after all smoke cleared out, Rottooth asked others for Burials. This way, no other clerics can use them, To turn them if found dead. Rottooth Know what happen to un listed dead, they added to tomb of equals. Tomb none ever come back from. Used as ingredients, used as servants, any whos name never been on list end up in Irkallas Equal tomb. Rottooth hopes by sending name and wishes on letter to temple that even after rottooth leave them, other clerics will hear list call and know their bodies to need respect. This some meat bags never see, not even high meat kings. Down in tomb of equals, none escape, so best never be sent there friends. Rottooth done as he could.

After rest rottooth and friends went to fight buggers. We fought them easy, nothing hard, just bugs and that it. Behind next door though? We find new enemy, big skeleton minotaur. Bullboy really. So strong Bullboy was, till we brought bullboy down. This had almost cost our bad joke some lines in script. Not likely survive if not for Rottooth, not that Rottooth let him get back up till treasure divided out. We take skull, we take treasure, we give mad joke heavy pun and on back to town. When we arrive we track down quest giver, only find out we wrong to think quest giver had reward. Nearly had rottooth kill him, but rottooth kept control. When Rottooth told him what Rottooth did to make new temple, militia seemed shocked. He so shocked give Rottooth all his money as thanks. Rottooth not need money though, so Rottooth sent back with 3 extra helpings, feed guards with good food and drink, they will be very fed. Rottooth make sure kindness always paid, maybe guard pay Rottooth back soon.

Rottooth and friend soon got paid by mayor, who thought Rottooths deed worth extra money. We also took extra money upon that, Bad joke never will be told. Rottooth then sent leader to Temple so other clerics know locations of new temple, soon they be here, always arrive as though already here, they always see Rottooth’s doings, Rottooth wonder if this all test for Rottooth to become real cleric of Irkalla. Once Letter sent Rottooth ran to Tavern from other day, asked for food, and drink, as well as rest area. They were kind to Rottooth, give much food and drink and give friends rest. Soon we head out for another adventure, once couple drinks stop coming.

Rottooth made two copies of letter as well place one in Journal for safe keeping.

" To those of dead shores, and longer life trees, this letter seeks highest order beyond the skull keys, may it seek you, and birth its truth.

Dakh Grarkog has founded new temple. In envelope find Dakh’s map, with marked location where you may find. Originally belonging to long dead god of death, soon makes room for Irkalla. Please return map though, Dakh still small goblin, needs help finding some large places.

Dakh also reports, he still not found heart, may take more time, lots more. Hope others under stand, Visions not clearer yet, Dakh must become stronger for Irkalla first. Maybe then, visions not just dreams.

Lastly Dakh has been helped by some very wierd fellows, Dakh request them to be added to “The Kings Scroll” so they be given proper burial.
Varis Sai: High elf, Cremated and given to sea. Let Thieves guild know Varis stayed true to code.
Damana: Half Dark elf, demon, Odd Tiefling, Brahmin Cremation ceremony. Let those who brought of Damana know she fell with glory finally in reach. and claimed it.
Strunbah ko Lumnaar: Body sent home to family, to clan, let them know he truly stayed like that he cast.

Give them their names on list for each help Dakh to found new temple, give them haven from our tools and scars. So they may rest where they wish after life lived in world of Irkallas.

Report Done by Dakh Grarkog, Goblin half Cleric of Irkalla. Soon Dakh shall fulfill training. Just little longer. "

Rottooth done here now, Rottooth off to find some one to teach Rottooth how to make good brew, maybe Rottooth make so good he sale later. Rottooth shall do best, See later Rottooth.

Damana's Temple Journal entry: #2
Take a Breath guys.

Finally we are able to rest! I might be a traveler, but I do grow tired of walking after a good few hours and to add on we have also been fighting. That I am not as used too. At least the human seems to be getting a long better. I guess she isn’t too bad, but I still don’t trust her, especially after her angel friend chose to call her princess. She says there was no meaning behind it, but the way he said it makes me wonder, maybe I should talk to Strunbrah about what he thinks about what I overheard between those two. I am still going to call her princess since it makes her mad. Fun for me! The angel keeps trying to butt into everyone’s business and it is slowly making me mad. He doesn’t need to know about my life and I surely don’t want to know anything about him. I think Strunbrah is okay talking to him, but Rot-tooth and Varus seems to be on my level of distaste, but I can’t be for sure since I don’t think they even know what he truly is, but I am hoping that the dragon might sooner or later get fed up with him especially after what he said about his race. If a fight happens I have gold down on the dragon. Rot-tooth though isn’t looking too good right now, I know he can heal himself, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for the little guy when he got attacked by the warg. That was short lived for he did attack it after it was dead completely ruining my pelt I wanted! Dumb goblin that would have made a great blanket or a coat, oh well though I am sure there will be more pelts for me to get. I suppose I should work on getting to know one of them though. I am so used to being alone that I forget that company is always useful. I am still not sure yet…Maybe I should talk to Strunbrah about when we first met. That’s not always me…I just wanted to test my luck and I failed and normally when I fail i just leave town and never talk to that person again. Sadly that didn’t happen this time around, so I think i should at least try with him and if I can’t get on his good side maybe I could try the human. I might be able to just use her for a bit, I personally don’t want too, but if she is a princess I might be able to get something from that. Truly would be awesome to get more respect from people.

Rottooth Stories. Ch2
Biting and Gnawing

Rottooth about to rest, so Rottooth figure this good time to write more. Today Rottooth made one step closer to being true cleric of Irkalla. Discovered old shit stain Short pigged dungeon not so shit stained, use to hold old dead god. Now home to Irkalla and all glory. Rottooth will report to the primary temple, maybe get band of clerics to inspect, turn into new regions Irkalla home.

Rottooth nearly died today…. Rottooth not know how to feel about this. Obvious Irkalla has other plan, not Rottooths time Rottooth suppose. Rottooth nearly died because he wasn’t smart. He ran into fresh hall we not enter yet and got attacked by warg. Rottooth thought for a second Warg was cuddly… then much biting and gnawing took place in Rottooth. Rottooth still mad…. Tiefling mad too, maybe cause Rottooth cut Warg up after, Sadly Rottooth not care… Rottooth wanted Warg EXTRA dead.


But if not for friends like Varus and bad joke Rottooth may of died. But from now On rottooth stay in middle, no run in, Rottooth has job now, Cant do if dead.

After near death Rottooth and friends went forward, found target but kinda ran. We not prepared. We run then attacked by worms. Rottooth wonder if they taste good. Rottooth find out before sleep, cook them with Glowing mushroom. Make good goblin food.

You have got to be kidding me
how long will this last

I’ve grown up studying all the things that I might encounter when I go out into the world. I wanted to make sure I was prepared, but I wasn’t ready for this place we’ve been going through.

It doesn’t help I can’t understand anyone in this group except for my damn guardian. I’m hoping to learn more about Varis so I can gather some common ground with someone. I mean when you are going through a dark dangerous place you need more than one person to lean upon. My god though I never expected I would be traveling with circus clowns. No one is human or even close to my race besides Varis. It’s down right creepy! For all I know I may not even come out of this alive because they might leave me in a dark room. I know my guardian won’t allow that to happen, but there’s always a chance.

I JUST WANT OUT SO I CAN FIND A TOWN. I HAVEN’T HAD A PROPER BATHING IN SUCH A LONG TIME IT"S SO GROSS! I’m also starting to get more and more hungry and we don’t stop enough for me to take a breather….

I’m glad I can prove my worth though, by kicking doors down!

What was really neat was that I found more gold and pretty things. I mean hell I have a ribbon for hair now and very pretty new shoes.


There were other interesting things, but whatever, sharing is caring and I know the others will find more use out of them than I will. All I know is…

BUGS ARE SCARY AND I WANT OUT. They don’t compare though to the other scary things we come across. I want to be brave but without the others I know I would be dead by now,

Strunbah journal entry #2
temple part 1

We’re only resting for a few moments before continuing on, so I’ll keep this short.

  • Two new people; both seemingly human. One smells like incense and also is a paladin. The other, a young woman. Fascinated with Varus. Decent in a fight, I suppose.
  • Both are shady as a the backside of a Black Dragon.
  • I nearly died due to a poison trap. I should have known better, and now I do. Rot-tooth saved my life, and for that I owe him. He’s an annoying little thing, but he’s kept me alive so far and I appreciate that. I’ll do my best to do the same for him.
  • Damana is still herself. Good to have in a fight, constantly making quips. It’s somewhat refreshing, I suppose. She finds the two new ones equally shady, so that’s assuring.
  • Varus is taking one for the team when it comes to the blonde woman. I wish him the patience of the Old Ones.

Time to continue. Hopefully I live to write again.

Rottooth Stories. Ch1
Varus remembered food

Yesterday was weird day. Varus took rottooth to bar for drink and food. Varus so kind, feeding little Rottooth. Rottooth how ever didn’t like no free drink rule, and Rottooth not trust bartenders idea of good time, so Rottooth brought his own.

Rottooth made two new friends. Rottooth like them. One has broken horn, one has shiny scales. They both got Rottooth new meat for collection. One day Rottooth use it, use it to be true cleric for great Irkala. Maybe even use powers to fix Broken horn of Tiefling. May be useful.

Today, Rottooth met another new friend, She try to be to close to Varus. Must fix this Problem. Soon. New friend came with bad joke. Shiny head, Caterpillar on lip. Be good Zombie, not good friend. Rottooth enjoying kobold meat snack. Not tasty, but good on tummy. Fine food not suit goblins, Dungeon food so much better. Shiny Scales nearly died. Be thankful to rottooth after Rottooth hopes.

Tiefling cant be trusted. tried to steal Varus gold, then offered to take. Tiefling not understand place to Varus. Tiefling part elf though, so Rottooth not know if this break pact. Rottooth must study.

Hopefully stranger who read this in future not look down on Rottooth. Rottooth trying, rottooth not know what right in this right now.

Strange beings

I told myself where i was going, I know where I wanted to be, I just didn’t know how. I hoped my destiny would reveal more to me as I traveled. However, of course when mother found me missing she sent the scholar knight after me to help aid me. I was surprised she didn’t ask me to come home, she accepted my goal. I would make my sister proud by becoming a strong enough knight to personally protect. It had to be me and only me to do it. Grimore has only set me back, so my first priority was to get rid of him. In the process of my escape I became lost in a dense forest where everything looked to be the same. Just as my hope diminished a odd set of travels appear. A very mysterious man named Varus greeted me. Although he felt different than most people i could sense a peace abut his demeanor. However, I also came across beings I had only read about in my studies. I was lost in awe and fear of their sight. One of them was a smelly goblin who seemed to like playing with food as he threw it down and picked it back up. The other being was quite threatening, a teifling with only one horn. Something must have happened to her, becuase there was supposed to be torn. I was worried about waht to do because my studies warned me to stay away from them. She also had a stench that was not awful but pungent and bitter. I felt a sense of safety around Varus though. Even though they called me “blondie….”

I was in luck! They were going to a town, a place I could rest and gather my thoughts about my next actions.

I was wrong…though they first wanted to enter a cave that once we came across sent chills down my spine. However, what this fate? Was this to be my first test in becoming a knight? However, I didn’t want tp know either way though. It was darker than the darkest knight. Then he “he” came causing me to pull my hood up so as not to be recognized, However the closer he came, the more fear came over me, I was doing so good evade him yet out of no where he had found her. Scary or not I would have rather taken my chances in the cave. ..

Then I saw them, creatures dark and scrawny ones I have never heard of in my studies, then I found all the others came after to me and safety washed over me until I realized something.

This would be my first attempt to actually kill something.


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