A Northern Wind Rises

Life can some times be funny

So who would have ever thought that at some point the people you travel with you end up fucking. Let alone all at once. After our session and retreated to my room I had a nice bath humming and smiling. Not sure I would do it again….may have traumatized Damana….but Varis mmm if he wasn’t guarded by Damana like a hawk, in other words already taken, he sure has some charming qualities. However, after this I’m sure we’ll all be a lil closer even if just in a subconsious way, this can be strong in difficult times. who knows we shall see….what unfolds after this interesting event. However I will state, Damana started it. She and Varis drank waaaay more than me. I just like bonding with those, just to have one chance to hold them and connect with their energy, that’s all I truly need. I could try and explain my view point to Damnana but I fear after this she shall fear me and be more protective over Varis. This would not be good. This is the opposite reaction that can occur becuase of this:“session” she holds herself and Varis far from me there for not likely to look out for me. Personally I feel rather bad because I feel like she doesn’t let Varis think for himself, that could be just be me, maybe i’m just jealous a little….

Rottooth Stories. Ch14
It was gonna run

SO today rottooth got new weapon. It sharp, but doesn’t pierce any more, does slashy slash. Not to mention whip is done.
We got to try it on some scaly fake dragon. Dragons don’t run like this chicken. New whip good, did lots of damage to chicken tooth… thats what Rottooth name chicken. Chicken Tooth. Soon Rottooth and friends shall take it apart, and rip it up as we need. We shall be ready to leave soon.

Damana's Journal entry: #9

I have never seen a fight like that! That was amazing! Here I thought the Bramin fought hard…this orc leader was dumb and stuck in the past, but my he could fight. I respect that, as well as Content Not Found: null she fought just as hard as the orc even being taken down a couple of times. How did she mange to stay up? I think she could teach me a thing or two, if I can get past her slightly big ego. Oh well Rot tooth’s plan worked better than I thought it would! That is a plus as well as all the gold we got! I wonder what I could spend it on…or should I keep it until something better comes along? Oh there is so much to get now!

Rottooth Stories. Ch.13
The victory we deserved

SO, Rottooth back again, we back in town, we won. We went to orc tribe and challenged orcs chief for leadership of tribe. Rottooth has found new ally in fight too. Nareesh. She help Rottooth fight chieftain and in turn she helped rottooth fight. The orc chief asked for assistance, but they not matter. died in one hit, not worth much really. Not orc chieftain, he was strong, he fought hard, everything he did thought countered, he took down elf, rottooth brought back, he attack Rottooth, Rottooth normally dodged. Good Opponent, too bad he stupid, went for fighter, not for healer. Learn from mistakes though he wont. He dead. Irkalla now sees to his soul. May he rest.

But now we in town, orcs have new chief who took over, not Rottooth, even if he wished, but this one is strong, she will do well as chieftain.

Now Rottooth off to be better, to be stronger. Maybe oneday will return. and be chief?

Damana's Journal entry: #8

I really need to think things through…Honestly thinking about what happened Varis Sai and I could have messed up Dakh Grarkog (Rot Tooth)plan, but when I am sitting in this stupid bag of holding, I remembered that we weren’t there for the meeting. So I guess if climbing buildings are illegal in this area…which would be weird, but I am sure Varis Saiand I could explain what was really happening. All in good fun! I think though we should save climbing things for the forest and racing as well. I am wondering if Naeris is good at racing. I wonder if she would be willing to race! Maybe I should ask, but she acts like anything fun is well immature…How boring, maybe I could get Rhapsody Telmont into wanting to race. She seems like a bit more fun, although stealing from a powerful wizard was awesome! It still could have gotten us in a lot of trouble, maybe we should stick to stealing from lesser people until we can at least hide from such a powerful wizard. I am nervous about going to the orcs though…Dakh Grarkog (Rot Tooth) says that it will be okay, but I never went on a mission that was this important, I mean hunting down cursed Ents is one thing, but going for peace keeping is something so different that we are out-numbered if this goes wrong. Dakh Grarkog (Rot Tooth) for everyone’s sake I really hope this works…because I don’t feel like watching my friends die again.

Rottooth Stories. Ch12
My Blade will Hurt you.

Rhapsody Telmont
Soft ear misteeessss
She may RUin plans
Plans may unfold
Rottooth not let happen.
Rottooth will make soft ear learn,
if she not learn
she soon Learn why she just
Stuff her like pig
bleed her like pig
she will learn or fear goblins forever she will
she has crossed wrong goblin today.

Rottooth Stories. Ch11
Its a Book thing

Rottooth is here, for green skins he is. Not for fight, not for blood, but for Alliance to grow.
Dragonborn city seems to have lower guards. Dragonborn city also has bad bad hidden temple problem.
Little is being done about these problems yes…
Rottooth has plan, orcs will come. Orcs will guard this city.
But only if they agree first. Two parties here but first be talked to. The Dragonborn, then orcs.
Dragonborn hard part. actual politics, much like Dr. Dolph once said, like bulls with no horns, but instead snakes with more venom.
Rottooth is ready for this fight, even if no weapons will be used. Rottooth not smartest there is, but Rottooth knows he can do this.

Rottooth stories, Chp 10
There gone

They left. Friends. They left Rottooth. They left Tiefling and Varis. We three together longest of group. We are the 3 who were here first. Rottooth will miss friends. Strunbah mostly, red head wasnt here much. But now only us three from when we all met in bar. Rottooth Misses friends who leave.

Blondie left for war
shiny head left for study
Handsome one left with Blondie
Red Head left for someone as well
Then strunbah left us….
we group of misfits… we not even fit in for him rottooth guesses.

No matter. Rottooth make new allies. With new allies we march forward. First They help us with spiky kitty. Spiky kitty threw thorns at us and Rottooth kept shield up. Now Rottooth has kitties tail. Gonna be a good whip. soon. Now Rottooth has boar skull, Kitties tail, soon Rottooth Will be true monster with goblin inside. Sounds fun. Plenty pranks, plenty real threat though.

Now all rottooth needs, is orcs to be peaceful… maybe… just maybe….

Damana's Journal entry: #7

HA! I will be part of the Rangers Guild!!! I can’t wait to throw that head down on that guys desk! I bet he will want to know my name then! I mean I can’t truly take all the credit….I did have help. Varis and Rot-tooth did great and well we picked up two new people. One is an elf who did well in the fight I suppose…and the other is a human bard who knows how to make me super uncomfortable in a heartbeat. She isn’t much of a fighter, but she did help in the fight we had with a Manicure. So I guess she can stay, both of them. This will take some getting used too, especially if she keeps flirting with Varis. Him and Rot-tooth are all I have left and I am not letting her take them from me. After Strunbah left us…I am not letting those two go without a fight. I guess I suspected Strunbah leaving us though…He didn’t seem to like what we did too much. Plus he cares about his people more than anything else in the world, I can’t be to mad about it, but man I wished she showed some concern for me! I thought we were becoming friends, but like normal I was wrong. Its okay though I will get over it and I will move on…maybe I shouldn’t let Rot-tooth and Varis become friends with me…they might leave too like the others. Noriel and the Princess…all have left, but I didn’t know them very well, but when Strunbah left us. I learned again that people can change their minds with things like traveling with a group of people. It hurts more than anything else, but like normal I will be fine and I will try to do my best to keep the others around. I don’t really like being alone anymore…It feels nice being accepted by people. Who would have thought I would ever like the company of people!

Rottooth stories, CHp9
Big mess up

Rottooth mest up
big time
ooooh did rottooth mess up
Rottooth not even know how to begin.
Rottooth walking down road now, going to dragon god temple,
ROttooth not sure what todo.
if Rottooth have to fight, he will, but not wanting to biggest thing
ROttooth told strunbah, He not care about trust, he care about strunbahs life
but he not understand
he rottooths friend
why would rottooth want him dead.
rottooth rather know he alive and not trust rottooth, then dead.
strunbah dead would hurt alot in rottooth.
rottooth hopes… he can fix this.


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